What is colon hydrotherapy?

The use of filtered and temperature regulated water in the colon (large intestine) to remove accumulated wast and toxicity.  Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle procedure that cleanses the large intestines without chemicals.  Different from an enema, a colonic is very thorough and administered by a certified therapist.  We use a closed system that infuses filtered and temperature regulated water into the colon through disposable tubes.  The waste is softened and loosened resulting in an evacuation through natural peristalsis.


Is colon hydrotherapy safe?

Yes. Renew Life Wellness Center uses the closed system which allows waste material to be eliminated through a tube attaching to the equipment and flushes down the drain line.


What is the difference between an enema & colon hydrotherapy?

An enema will only reach the lower section of the colon in contrast, colon hydrotherapy can potentially reach the entire length of the colon.


What should I expect during treatment?

Our Closed system is body-friendly and comfortable.  You will experience a 45 – 60 minute session with a certified colon hydrotherapist.

Does a colon hydrotherapy treatment hurt?

No. Some clients may experience mild cramping but many more describe their session as being refreshing and relaxing.


How long does a treatment take?

Actual treatment time is approximately 45 minutes, but you should plan to set aside a total treatment time of one hour.


Is there any effect on a colon hydrotherapy session if a client is having a menstrual period at the time?

No. In fact, that can be an ideal time to receive a treatment as the body is already in the process of detoxifying.


Should I do anything to prepare for a colon hydrotherapy session?

You should be as relaxed as possible and avoid having a large meal prior to a session.


Will colon hydrotherapy remove intestinal flora from my colon?

No, colon hydrotherapy does not wash out the bacteria in the colon. It is a good idea to supplement with a probiotic to support a healthy intestinal environment.


After a colon hydrotherapy session, should I stay near a toilet for the rest of the day?

No. You can continue your day just as you would aftera regular bowel movement.