Skinny Gut Diet Reboot

Skinny Gut Diet Reboot


1st Month – so what’s happening anyhow? I wanna drop some pounds and be healthy at the same time!

  1. Consult with Dr. Jemma – let’s set some goals and make some agreements (and get to know each other a bit!).
  2. Receive your book – and read it! Especially the chapters I suggest!!!!
  3. In most cases, start Advanced Naturals Rapid Cleanse.
  4. Sign up for My Fitness Pal (MFP) in a specific way that will help us to really be Skinny Gut! You will receive instructions on just how to do that.
  5. Begin by inputting your “regular eating habits” for 3 days. There’s a reason for this. Be honest and as accurate as you can regarding your portion sizes and specific foods.

This is the best time to use Power Tool #3 – your kitchen scale. I promise you, your eyes are not telling you truly what a serving size really is! It’s very important that you measure and weigh your foods these first days (not forever, I promise!). Your extra effort today will make you Skinny tomorrow! I promise!


Dr. Jemma will take the 3 or so days from MFP and review them. This is the time you learn about Teaspoons of Sugar and how that equates to those foods you’ve been eating. P. 107.


Once your cleanse is finished and you’ve signed up and “mastered” My Fitness Pal, it’s time to: Prepare and Shop for Skinny Gut!

  1. Are you ready with your power tools? especially your Lunchbox – #1 (p. 137)
  2. Blender and Shaker Cup – #4 (p. 143) these aren’t bad to have at your fingertips at this point, especially if you are the person who already uses protein shakes as a go-to option for snacks or meals!
  3. Most important! – Plan your protein Snacks that are easy to grab – every 2-3 hours (p. 138). Choose to have plenty of either small glass or plastic containers on hand, or plastic snack and sandwich bags.

At the Grocery Store:

  1. Bring your shopping list – p. 232.
  2. Shop the outside of the grocery store to avoid temptation – p. 231.
  3. Remember, fermented foods will always be in the refrigerated section – p. 121.


Begin the Skinny Gut Diet in earnest.

Track all snacks and meals.

You will be receiving tips and tricks ongoingly.



Email questions to Dr. Jemma!

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